Our Products

Rivertown is an experieced custom millwork window manufacturer who has been serving distributors, architechs, general contractors and home builders for all of their specially shaped wood and aluminum clad windows. Rivertown manufactures and distributes custom historic windows, replacement windows, octagon windows, round windows and aluminum clad windows. Rivertown manufactures high quality custom shaped windows that are delivered on time, within specifications and at attractive prices.


Fixed Roundtop Windows


Don’t let your imagination slow down! With our fixed frame material and bending equipment, half rounds, elipticals, circles, ovals, archtop, roundtop, and inverted radius units are no problem. We can build almost any shape you can imagine - in wood AND clad.


Fixed Geometric Shapes

Triangles, Rectangles, Trapezoids, Octagons - Cover all your angles with our fixed frames. We can create any number of geometric shapes to add interest to any room in your home.


Vented Casement Units


A truly unique and functional architectural feature. Dual cam locks ensure a tight environmental seal.